Vacation Was Too Short

We had a wonderful (albeit short) vacation that, sadly, ended on Monday. We stayed at four campgrounds in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. I didn’t find much time to post to on this trip. I did most of the driving and was really trying to focus on relaxation, not work. Driving a 32′ RV is quite challenging on the back roads, and that’s where most of the driving took place. I don’t like to drive on freeways, so Richard took over when we did find ourselves on a big highway.

One of the pantry locks kept coming loose and, whenever I turned just slightly to the right, the pantry door would fly open. Richard was getting pretty frustrated, needing to get up every time the road curved to the right. Since there was no way to stop the pantry doors from opening completely once the lock clicked open, and no way to tie the doors shut, on our next stop, I rigged the pantry lock with dental floss (no kidding!) and that did the trick. Luckily, everything’s under warranty.

Have you ever driven through a really neat town and longingly thought to yourself, ‘Gosh. I wish I lived here…’? We drove through dozens of those towns, situated in and around the White Mountains. In between the morning mist on the mountains, the fat tadpoles in the lakes, the quaint shops and ice cream stands, the typical New England town squares, and the large, historic homes situated among cottages…we were in Heaven! I could have driven forever, but we had to get back home because we’d taken Frank’s friend, Mitchell, with us and his parents didn’t want him to be gone the entire summer.

We’ll probably take another short trip soon so Ali can take a friend on a trip, too. I’d like to find a nice beach on the East Coast somewhere, but the campground will need to have wifi, of course.

The two recent shark attacks in Florida happened pretty close to where we stayed when we were there last fall. I’m sure glad I never let the children get deeper than their knees when we’re swimming in salt water. Call me paranoid, but I spent many summer days on the beach in Galveston and I’ve seen my share of sharks. I even got bumped by one years ago. (I never go deeper than my knees, either!) I know they’re always right there, even when you can’t see them.


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