Naked Tom is Hanging on the Bow of “No Tan Lines!”

Naked Tom is Hanging on the Bow of “No Tan Lines!”

Our single, very large Thanksgiving decoration has been hung on the bow and Tom has attracted quite a few fans!

Tom is a bit shy because has no feathers (he’s been plucked) and, thus, “no tan lines!” In our old neighborhood, we received a complaint from a neighbor about Tom. She said her vegan son was offended by our holiday decoration. Yes, of course we left him up.

We also have orange lights strung up the masts and our neighbors report you can see them from downtown.

On Black Friday, Richard is planning to deck the heck out of “No Tan Lines” for the holidays. I have no idea what his plans may be but I heard him talking to the boys about a “projector” and “saving money by buying lights in bulk.” Oh boy…

This week, the last in a long line of visitors is arriving. He is Richard’s friend, Scott, who’s a librarian. He’s in acquisitions and we’re looking forward to hearing his updates on how libraries are faring today.

Incidentally, he’s the same librarian who refuses to order CreateSpace books because so many of them are so poorly written and not edited.

Hugs to all!


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One Response to "Naked Tom is Hanging on the Bow of “No Tan Lines!”"

  1. Ethel Geary  November 11, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Tom is delightful. So glad he wasn’t removed from his post.