Massive Halloween Crowd! Wow!!!

Massive Halloween Crowd! Wow!!!

Mason came down with a cold last weekend. We’d originally planned to go trick or treating in his big sister’s neighborhood but, since their baby is only two months old, we had to keep the sniffling Mason home. Max, however, stayed at Ali’s house, and spent Halloween with them.

Max as “Kim Jong Un”

Mason as “Joke Yoda”













That night, around 7:00 p.m., Mason emerged from the boat and “trick or treated” at three of our dock neighbors’ boats who’d let us know they had candy for the boys. Then, our managing editor, Brian Whiddon, joined us as we went hunting for a “normal” neighborhood. You know… houses in close proximity to each other. Not ones on the water where, if you drop your candy bag, you’re out of luck!

When we arrived, we were surprised how difficult it was to find a parking place on the street. There were a few trick or treaters out but every parking space was full. We finally found a spot, and started walking. A few houses were decked out and Mason had fun. As we rounded one corner, we saw police lights flashing. What we didn’t know was that we were three streets away from the REAL action. And, when we finally got to 17th Street and Locust Avenue, we were blown away!

The beautiful homes were VERY elaborately decorated. Creepy music played everywhere. Projections of ghost and ghoulies played on the side of houses, in upstairs windows, and more. Animated creatures were everywhere. And, the people. THE PEOPLE! There were thousands! And, we learned it’s like that all up and down 16th and 17th streets! That’s why the police were there. They’d blocked off traffic. What a PARTY!!!

It was so festive and there was a slight chill in the air! Despite Mason’s sniffling and occasional cough, we all had a BLAST! 🙂

I’ll include some pictures below. Needless to say, we have found our St. Petersburg, Florida trick or treating spot for future years!



And, finally, as we were taking down the Halloween decorations, I said, “Treat time!” And, I then threw Coco a pile of bones. She was NOT amused.










Hugs to all!






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One Response to "Massive Halloween Crowd! Wow!!!"

  1. pamelaallegretto  November 3, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    Having read about your family’s love for all things Halloween, I’m happy to see that you have found your Halloween neighborhood utopia. The photo of Coco and her “bones” needs to be framed!