The Traveling Bug

We got the traveling bug last week and took off for an impromptu trip near the coast. The first campground, Red Apple Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine, was well-groomed and had wireless Internet access…but that was about it. The playground was so small it was almost non-existent and the gameroom wasn’t yet open for the season. There was no pond to fish in and the one small stream the children found was of questionable water quality, so they stayed away from it. Basically, the only things they had to do there were to ride their bikes to the small campground store and waste their allowance on cheap toys at inflated prices, and to dig in the dirt next to the RV. While the customer service was great and the campground was quiet and clean, it really wasn’t a campground that seemed to cater to families. While Richard had no problem accessing their wireless Internet service, I couldn’t get a connection with my computer. The campground manager came by at one point to ask if we could get online. She reported that several other campers were having trouble. Their service was only installed the previous week, so they’re still working out the kinks.

The best part about Red Apple Campground was its close proximity to Kennebunkport. We were able to ride our bikes into town and had a wonderful day exploring that charming and beautiful coastal community. The only burp in our trip to town was the local Ben & Jerry’s refusing to let Max use their restroom, even though the town restroom was still closed for the winter. (Ever tried to tell a 2-year-old they have to wait to go potty?) The ice cream shop and cafe in the building next door (upstairs) graciously allowed us to use their restroom so bought our creamy treats from them. The owner was a really friendly guy who’d lived in Kennebunkport his entire life. We really enjoyed chatting with him. (I didn’t write down the name of the ice cream shop and can’t find it online, so if any of you know which one I’m talking about, please email me so I can give them a much-deserved plug.)

After three days, we decided to pull up our stakes (well, unplug the power and water cords) and jump on the highway, destination unknown. (We’d paid cash in advance and Red Apple did not give us a refund even though we left before their checkout time.) Richard drove North on Route 1, which is one of the most beautiful drives in the country, while I got online on my t-mobile wireless card and found a campground on the water in Boothbay Harbor. I called them and they had one waterfront spot remaining, so we quickly put our name on it.

When we arrived at Gray Homestead Oceanfront Camping, all we could do was stare in awe at the view! The water was a dark, cold blue, stretching so far that it kissed the baby blue sky on the horizon. A few wispy clouds were playing above and more than a few seagulls were diving for goodies in the wet sand and seaweed exposed by the low tide. Far to the left was an island, dotted with large homes that looked like dollhouses from a distance, and to the right, visible only with binoculars, was a beautiful lighthouse! Every minute of so, we heard the faraway moan of a foghorn and Max thought that was really cool!

Ali and Frank quickly set off to explore the critters and crustaceans hiding under rocks while Richard and I set out the lawn chairs and started teaching Max the difference between ducks and seagulls. Our efforts were obviously in vain as Max was still waving and saying, “Hi duck!” to all the seagulls until we drove away on Monday morning. Max made friends with all the birds he saw and talked animatedly to them all weekend long. He held up the best binoculars for the money at the time several times and said, “Smile, bird. I take picture!” He’d look up while playing with his trains in the dirt and say, “Hey, bird. I have trains!” Every once in awhile, they apparently answered back, because he’d look up suddenly while engrossed in play and say, “Okay, bird! Okay!”

We were treated to a fantastic light show on Saturday night as a cold front passed though with numerous thunderstorms and the sound of rain on the roof of the RV made us all very sleepy.

We weren’t too happy when we had to pack up and leave on Monday morning, but vowed to return as soon as we can. Our adventurous 6-week RV vacation is coming up next month and Richard has worked a sweet deal where we’re getting paid to write about our trip…paid enough to pay for the entire trip! More on that next week.

Hugs to all!