The Grandmas

The in-laws are gone and life seems to be getting back to normal. My mommy-in-law completely redecorated the downstairs bathroom while she was here, including painting the walls. It looks really, really nice! Max had two grandmas here, so he kept calling them “The Grandmas.”

For the first time in a quarter century, Zach’s high school golf team (Bangor High) won first place in the state tournament on Saturday! Zach was very proud of the medal he won (he was one of five players to represent the team) and Bangor High School will have a new trophy for the trophy case.

Max has finally figured out how to say Frank’s name. He calls him “Mank.” It’s really cute! Frank’s Columbus Day play was last week and he made a fine, handsome sailor and remembered all his lines! (Funny…none of our children have stage fright.) During the performance, when Frank walked on-stage, Max waved his chubby arms and yelled, “Hi Mank!” Frank smiled, broke character, and waved back at Max. Max was happy.

I met with all of Ali’s teachers last week for parent/teacher day and her language arts teacher says she’s “…quite the writer!” I hear that every year and it always makes my chest swell with pride.

The leaves seem to be at their peak right now here in Bangor and, even after four years, the brightness and depth of the colors still take my breath away. So, on Monday, we went leaf-watching. A cold front had blown through on Sunday night, so the stiff, cold winds make it a perfect day to bundle up and enjoy God’s art show.

Hugs to everybody!