The Annual Easter Slug-Fest

It wouldn’t be Easter if the kids weren’t teasing each other, stealing eggs out of each other’s baskets, and knocking over furniture to get to the next possible hiding place! We tried to get Mason (age 21 months) interested in hunting for eggs, but he was more interested in playing with his toy tractor on the deck.

However, the big kids, including Max (age 6) were running frantically through the yard, trying to be this year’s “most eggs” winner. Inside, the Easter Bunny hid some “money eggs.” Max found two of those (okay, he had a little help). Most of the eggs only held $1 each but you’d think the Easter Bunny had stuffed milion dollar bills into those plastic things by the mayhem the big kids were causing! It was pretty hilarious.

The large golden egg, which was good for a $20 bill that was perched on the mantle, was found by Alyssa. I had to give two hints to the group before it was found. The first hint was, “If it’s not in plain side, it’s obviously BURIED under something.”

That didn’t work.

The second hint was, “THE KEY WORD IS **BURIED**.”

That worked. Alyssa went straight to the baking cabinet, pulled out the large bag of flour and found the golden egg inside. Yeah, you might say that hiding place was just a bit too obscure but it did keep the kids occupied for quite awhile!

After Max’s always-entertaining prayer (Max says “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” at the end of EVERY prayer), we had organic turkey (which still had lots of feather quills in it, which was bizarre), stuffing, asparagus puff, salad, apple pie, Alyssa’s homemade carrot cake, and more. It was quite a festive day and we were all exhausted that night.

Now, if the snowstorms would just stop, we could actually pretend that Spring has arrived!

This Week’s Maxism:

“I can sing in my brain.”



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