Tank Hockey Checks Our Grandson

Tank Hockey Checks Our Grandson

Our daughter, son-in-law, and three grandbabies came for a two-night visit. We were thrilled!! We don’t get much work done when they’re here but we always have a blast! We were not able to see them on my birthday so they came here this week, wanting to cook me whatever I wanted for dinner and for breakfast. I, of course, asked for Beef Wellington for dinner and Kolaches for breakfast.

Each time they come to visit, Tank (110 lbs.) get SO EXCITED!!! He loves his babies and he cries for hours each time they leave. And, he is so gentle with them! Well, until yesterday.

Brian and I were sitting on the sofa. Six-year-old Jack (46 pounds) was leaning against the coffee table, talking to us. All of the sudden, Tank leaped forward. It all happened so fast that it was a blur of motion. He ran UNDER Jack and Jack flipped completely over in mid-air, 360 degrees. Think a cartwheel in mid-air. He landed on his shoulder. I said, “NO!” and dropped my laptop desk by my feet as I jumped up. Brian knelt down. I said, “Don’t move him. We need to make sure his arm isn’t broken.” Our daughter ran in from the kitchen.

Jack was crying, of course. He got up pretty quickly and he had full range of motion with his arm. He had a scratch on his back and a red spot on his arm but, other than that, no injuries. It was a miracle!!!

It took us a few minutes to find Tank. He was hiding behind the sofa. He knew he’d been a very bad boy. But, he didn’t mean to be. He still acts like a puppy and he gets so excited sometimes that he stops thinking. And, he’s always been very gentle with the grandbabies…until he hockey checked Jack yesterday.


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One Response to "Tank Hockey Checks Our Grandson"

  1. Linda G  February 24, 2024 at 7:45 pm

    Angela you gotta get Tank a hockey shirt. Glad Jack is okay.