Sticky Purple Slushy Goop…

Do you remember Messy Marvin from the old chocolate syrup commercials? Well, our wee one here is quickly evolving into Messy Max. Max (age 30 months) can’t go for one hour, much less one day, without making some kind of huge mess…and I mean huge. What started as a few dropped green beans at dinnertime has grown to a problem of monstrously messy proportions. Yesterday, Max stood right in front of me and turned his fruit punch upside down. His eyes widened with glee and mine widened with horror as we both watched 12 ounces of red punch splatter onto our baby blue carpet. Later, Ali gave him a purple Popsicle®. He didn’t open it, but chose instead to squish the wrapper repeatedly. After the Popsicle® was transformed to gooey mush, he opened the package just enough to create a steady drip. He then walked from room to room, trailing drops of sticky purple slushy goop all over the carpet and wood. Today, Max found Daddy’s stash of peanut butter cups. Did he gobble them down? No, he unwrapped them and crumbled them into a zillion pieces on his bedroom floor.

Max been eating tons of bananas this week…or so we thought. I found a pile of whole, brown bananas on his desk…and the accompanying banana peels on his train track. Seems he’s been transporting banana peels for his imaginary shipping customers with his Thomas the Train set. I tried to pick up the black banana peels and he started screaming. I’ve been trying in vain to think of a non-perishable replacement for banana peel transport by Thomas the Train, but haven’t yet thought of anything remotely similar. I snuck in Max’s room after he fell asleep last night and grabbed them all. He was looking everywhere for them this morning, and I heard him telling Percy (the dog), “No eat banana, Percy!” Heh…

Oh no! I have to go! Frank just gave Max a Fudgesicle!!!



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