Spring Fever…

We’ve had a really unusual winter this year. As I am writing this, there is no snow on the ground. Yes, that’s right. It’s supposed to be the coldest, nastiest time of the year for Mainers. But, it was in the 50’s last weekend, sunny, breezy, and downrights Springish! I ran errands on Saturday and didn’t even need a sweater. It’s been like this all winter, too. Sure, we’ve had a few snow showers but we haven’t needed the snow blower yet and we haven’t even needed to shovel. Just a quick sweep of the steps with the broom is enough to take care of any lingering snow from the night before. What’s perhaps the most astounding oddity is that the river isn’t frozen over. The river is always completely frozen over by this time of year, and should have been for weeks now.

We’re thinking about taking a short RV trip for Spring Break. The RV show was last weekend and we picked up brochures from several campgrounds in Maine that now offer wifi (wireless Internet access) and some of them are open year-round. Yea!

Unfortunately, instead of snow, we’ve had rain, and now have tons of mud. Zach got his car stuck in the mud just yesterday. Boy, he was grumbling about that.

Hugs to everybody!


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