Should I Be Honored or Mortified? You Decide…

Should I Be Honored or Mortified? You Decide…

At a family birthday party last weekend, I ran into an old friend who I’ll call Christy…because that’s her REAL name. Ha ha ha.

We haven’t seen each other in years and we got to do some catching up. It was awesome!! In the years since we’ve seen each other, she and her husband had a baby, and she is now pregnant once again. She looked beautiful! And, her daughter is so gorgeous and so smart! Brian and her husband enjoyed talking about hunting.

Christy lives in Georgia, too, and she good-naturedly poked fun at us for living in Trenton. She said, “What’s in Trenton anyway? Nothing?”

I replied, “Yep. And, that’s why we moved there. We LOVE it!”

I mentioned a couple of things that happened recently in our lives. She shook her head, and said she already knew.

I said, “How?”

She said, “I keep up with you on WritersWeekly. I read Home Office on my phone. It’s my bathroom reading…”

I CRACKED UP!!! Of the zillions of websites available, this column is on her bathroom reading list. AWESOME! 🙂


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