Troubling Truck Stop Bathroom Conversation…

I realized last week that it is almost September. Zach will turn 20 this month. That’s quite a milestone! However, I’m still not 40 so I’m going to keep pretending I’m a kid…’cause I sure still feel like one! Mason is so small that we feel like we’ve just started all over again with the parenting thing!

Anyway, we stopped at a truck stop diner for lunch during our trip last week. Richard offered to take Mason to the men’s room for a diaper change, but I am a bit nervous in truck stops so I told him I’d take him to the women’s restroom instead. That was a decision I would live to regret.

I took Mason in there and pulled down the Diaper Dude thingie, or whatever it’s called. I started changing him, cooing at him all the while, and enjoying his huge, toothless grin.

A lady stepped out of one of the stalls and started up a conversion with me, in an obvious southern drawl, while she was washing her hands. It went something like this:


“Oh, my! Look at that BIG baby! Isn’t he a handsome fella?”

“Thank you very much. He was 9 lbs, 10 oz.”

“How old is he?”

“Just nine weeks now.”

“My oh my, he sure is BIG! I had me some big babies, too. I had two that were nine pounds. Is he the only boy?”

“No, he has three brothers and a sister.”

“Oh, really? I only have one girl, too. I have four in all. Three of them are in high school. My youngest is only 10.”

“Hmmm…” (I was concentrating on rubbing diaper rash cream on Mason’s bottom.)

She continued, “So, is this your first grandchild?”


Hugs to all!

Granny errr…. Angie

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