Seems Like Just Yesterday…

Max (age 3 1/2) sprained his knee on Saturday. We think it happened when he was playing Toy Story (jumping while yelling “To infinity and beyond!). He was limping a bit on Friday night but woke up on Saturday unable to walk. It will probably be the most expensive emergency room visit in the family’s history. Since Max couldn’t adequately describe the pain or the exact location of the pain, and since there was no swelling or bruising, they thought it might have been an infection in his hip (apparently something that happens to young children around this age after they’ve had a cold – and he was recovering from a cold). So, the main doctor ordered a bunch of blood work and lots of x-rays and he was seen by three doctors, including two orthopedists, only to conclude, as we’d originally suspected, that it was just a sprained knee. Before Max was released with orders to lie low for several days. That’s like telling a 3-year-old to not talk for several days. Very funny…

In happier news, we are thrilled to announce that Zach was accepted into the University of Maine College of Engineering, which was his first choice. He was notified shortly thereafter that he’d won two academic scholarships! We’re so proud we just might burst! Seems like just yesterday I was teaching him how to read at age 4 so he’d have a head start in kindergarten. We proudly watched our oldest son accept his high school diploma on Sunday evening and I had plenty of tissues on hand for my blubbering.

Prom was two weeks ago. I cried then, too.

Hugs to all!

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