Yes (Sigh), I’m Still Pregnant…

Mason’s due date came and went on Father’s Day. I sure was looking forward to giving Richard the ultimate Father’s Day gift. However, it’s now going to be a bit late.

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • Evening Primrose Oil (two 1300 mg capsules orally each day)
  • pineapple
  • lobster
  • jalapenos (two days in a row!)
  • caffeine (lots of chocolate, coffee and iced tea)
  • marital relations (that was the funnest method – but it didn’t work either)
  • driving up a mountain
  • driving on bumpy roads
  • walking uphill
  • lots of shopping (more walking)
  • relaxation
  • visualization
  • talking to Mason, both out loud and mentally
  • tickling Mason’s feet (they’re right under my ribs)
  • Imagining labor would start TODAY (for two weeks in a row)
  • Imagining labour would NEVER start (testing Murphy’s Law)
  • and a few other silly old wives tale methods

I’m afraid trying anything stronger will be playing God and I feel very uncomfortable doing that. My midwife wants me to try blue cohosh and black cohosh but those seem very strong, from what I’ve ready online, and I’m afraid to try them with a VBAC. Also, the castor oil suggestion is still hanging over my head but I’m still too chicken to try that, either.

With each passing day, my anxiety grows. Will he come the natural way? Will I have to have another c-section? What choices will we have? How big is he now? Is it going to hurt as bad as last time? Will we make it to the hospital in time? Will Richard have a heart attack from the stress? (He’s already in near-panic mode just from the waiting!)

We played hookey last Friday and spent the day in Bar Harbor eating lobster and shopping. It was wonderful! You can read about it here.

During this pregnancy, and my last, I signed up for It’s a neat service that sends you a weekly email titled something like “My Baby This Week — 39 weeks”, telling your about your baby’s development and the changes happening to your own body. I’ve been reading my weekly emails faithfully and enjoying them.

This week’s email from was titled: My Baby This Week — Your Newborn

But I don’t have a newborn yet!! (sniff!)

This week’s Maxism:

After a weekend trip to Borders, where Max (age 4) chose a nature book that features hundreds of color photos of different fish species, he said, “Mommy, we can’t eat fish because they’re happy.”

Hugs to everybody!


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