Party! Party!!

Max’s sixth birthday was last Saturday and the house was jam-packed with revelers, big and small. We started out bowling at the local alley, and then migrated to the house where Richard had stayed behind to grill. We all wolfed down burgers, dogs, cake and ice cream, the kids cracked the pinata, and Max opened his gifts. I put a bar of trick soap in the bathroom for the party. Anybody who used it found their hands getting more and more dirty as they washed. The soap has a black chunk of something yucky on the back of it. Heh…

Frank had a small kaleidoscope that also had black stuff on it. The gullible party-attendees who fell for Frank’s prank found themselves with a black ring around their eye. Oh, that boy makes me so proud!

Later, after the sun set, the kids then stayed inside to play while the adults (and Mason) sat on the deck, enjoying the humid evening that rewarded us with a slight breeze now and again.

It got warm again that day, but it’s cooled off since then.

I’m writing this on Monday night, trying to get a step ahead since I am in charge of Max’s schooling tomorrow.

If you’re curious, this is what’s happening at the “home office” this evening:

It’s currently 8:00 p.m.

Richard is sitting across the room from me, working on his laptop. He put up a print/ebook combo special and is explaining how it works to the author. (The buyer gets the ebook at a discount and gets to start reading that while they wait for the print book to arrive.)

Matt is working tonight because he had school all day. He’s putting up the new books that were approved by authors over the weekend.

Zach just left for Olive Garden. He has a new girlfriend (She’s not my girlfriend… yet haha -Zach). We’re looking forward to getting to know how her and giving her a true Hoy welcome (um, Hoy Hazing?) We have to make sure her sense of humor is strong enough to withstand this wise-cracking family! From what Zach has told us about her, we’re pretty sure she’s game!

Ali just got home from her friend’s house and is now doing the dishes.

Frank is doing his homework. Frank is the class clown, but he also always makes the honor roll. He’s also considering joining student council this year. It’s so nice to have a child who doesn’t need to be reminded over and over again about homework! (Don’t let her fool you, the boy will need reminding twice a day -Zach) 😉

Max is playing with his new Hotwheels set in his room. It hangs from his bedroom door and the cars go really fast. He loves it!

Mason is watching Blues Clues while standing in front of the recliner. He’s rubbing his back against it, back and forth, so I think he must have an itch. Kinda looks like a cat doing that.

Ah, it’s so nice to have a boring night. Boring is GOOD!

Oh, I almost forgot! Mason got two hamsters for his birthday, too! Their names are Stripe (for obvious reasons) and Alferd (spelled the way Max pronounced Alfred). More about Stripe and Alferd next week. They are SO cute! (And, much more cuddly than fish!)

This week’s Maxism:

Max bounded into our room the other day, breathing hard after running through the house and up the stairs.

I looked up and asked, “Are you out of breath?”

Panting, he replied, “No, I’m just breathing.”

Hugs to all!


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