Our Cuddly Monkey

We had a wonderful and very long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I only got online to check for emergencies each evening. And, boy oh boy, did I pay for that on Monday when I had a flood of emails to answer. The time we spent with the children made it well worth it. We feasted on Thursday, shopped and wrapped presents on Friday, bought our tree on Saturday, and decorated it on Sunday.

Mason turned five months old last week and he’s getting HUGE! Strangers comment about his size, saying things like, “Well, he hasn’t missed many meals, has he?” and “He’s only five months old?!” and “What do you feed that kid?!” He does have a nice set of thunder thighs and about three chins but, other than that, he looks pretty normal to us. The comments are pretty funny and remind us that Mommy’s milk is the best thing for babies.

Mason is sitting up for a few minutes at a time by himself now and, while he can’t crawl yet, he can scoot on his tummy and do a 360-degree turn in just a couple of seconds to get what he wants. He’s also reaching his arms up to us when he wants to be picked up. Oh, I can never resist that! When I pick him up, he squeezes my neck really, really tight. Yes, he’s a cuddly monkey and we are so very blessed to have him.

This week’s Maxism:

Last night, Max was sitting on the sofa, seemingly deep in thought, while I
was sorting photos on my laptop. Suddenly, he turned to me and said,
“Mommy! Everytime I go to bed…I fall asleep!”

Hugs to all!