My Banana Trees + Freezing Temperatures? Oh No!!

Like most of the country, we got that blast of cold air this week. I was very nervous about our banana trees. They are HUGE – far too large to cover with blankets. They were only about three feet tall when we bought them last spring. I still can’t believe how fast they grow! They are now several feet wide and probably around 12 feet tall. They seem to have sprouted babies, too. Thankfully, we only got a slight freeze and the trees survived just fine. Shwew! They’re my favorites!!

Our sun room (it’s called a “Florida room” down here) isn’t insulated. We usually close it off in the summer because of the heat but, for the first time since moving here, we had to close it off due to cold. We also had to dig through boxes to find some warm clothes. Heck, just last week we were wearing shorts, tank tops and sandals! Thankfully, it’s going to be back in the 80s by this weekend.

And, speaking of the weekend –

The WritersWeekly Winter, 2014 Short Story Contest is THIS SATURDAY! There is a limit of 500 entrants so don’t delay if you want to sign up. Most contests fill up! For more information, click HERE.

I’m very excited about this weekend’s contest and I can’t WAIT to start reading the entries!!

The prizes –

1st Prize: $300
2nd Prize: $250
3rd Prize: $200
+85 other prizes!

To read how it works, and to sign up, go HERE.

Angela Hoy lives on a mountain in North Georgia. She is the publisher of, the President and CEO of and AbuzzPress, and the author of 24 books.




Angela is the creator of the Original 24-Hour Short Story Contest!