More Maxisms

Richard has returned from Texas and was very sad to leave his grandmother. She’s been moved to a hospice and is very happy there. He’ll be calling her often to see how she’s doing. Richard’s dad is there to take care of her, so don’t worry. She’s not alone.

We have a local ice cream stand here call Giffords. Sure, they sell Giffords ice cream at the stores, too, but we like the ice cream from the actual ice cream stand better. It somehow tastes better when somebody else scoops it for you while you wait outside with other ice cream lovers behind the little glass window.

Gifford’s opened for the season last weekend and we were very excited. The opening of Gifford’s is a sign that Spring is imminent. We asked Max (age 4) is he remembered what Gifford’s was. His response was a puzzled look.

I then asked, “Do you remember what they sell at Gifford’s?”

He put his hand on his cheek, thought for a few moments, and then said, “Mutual funds?”

Hugs to everybody!


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