More Holiday Silliness

This weekend, we’ll be having our annual Gingerbread gathering. The children will get together with some close friends and spend the evening making anatomically correct gingerbread people. You really don’t know how creative your children can be until you give them free reign on a project like this. We’ve had everything from squalling newborn gingerbread babies to saucy gingerbread ladies-of-the-night…and some pretty hilarious characters in between.

Last year, one of the children made a piece of gingerbread dog poop. We then gingerly (snort) placed it on the comforter of the bed where Richard’s dad and step-mom were sleeping while staying here. It was a hoot! And, the gingerbread poop never died. You can see a picture of it HERE. I swear, that stuff doesn’t mold or get rotten all year long! It just turns into a big gingerbread rock. It’s still sitting on my desk today as a fond reminder of last year’s uproarious fun.

Each year, shortly after Thanksgiving, Santa falls off our roof and catches himself on an upstairs window. There he hangs until after the holidays, startling unwary passersby and making holiday travelers stop and take pictures. He’s life-sized so people give a double-take, thinking somebody really is hanging from the window. Well, we’ve been doing that for years and it’s getting kind of old so I revamped Santa this year. We used to put our life-sized, bendable skeleton into the Santa suit. Nobody knew any better. This year, I used some heavy-duty wire from the hardware store and gave him his own body made out of felt. Unfortunately, this year Santa forgot his belt. So, when he fell off the roof and caught the windowsill, his pants fell down. Heh… Amazing what you can do with some flesh-colored cloth, a needle and thread!

This Week’s Maxism:

The other day, Max said to Zach’s girlfriend, Alyssa:

“Remember a long, long, long, long time ago before Zach was your girlfriend?”

(Read it twice if you don’t get it.)

Hugs to all!


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