Meteor and Snow Showers!

Well, we had quite a magical, celestial evening on Friday night!

On the way home from dinner, with a wind chill below zero outside and Christmas music piping through the speakers in the van inside, Frank suddenly yelled from the backseat, “I just saw a white light shoot through the sky!”

We all got excited and started looking out all the windows, but we didn’t see anything else…yet. A few minutes later, Richard and I were sitting in the front and, out of space (literally), a green ball of light shot out of the sky and appeared to travel all the way to the ground. While it looked like it fell somewhere downtown, things in the sky at that time of night can be any range of sizes and miles away. We all started talking at once and were very excited!

When we arrived home, Frank went upstairs, turned off all the lights in Max’s room and looked at the sky over the river. He saw three more! I sat next to him and we both saw a big one shooting North to South. I called the local television station to ask if we were having a meteor show. The anchor didn’t know, but said she’s check into it. Sure enough, we were having a meteor shower, and Frank was thrilled when they mentioned the “local boy who saw a light shooting through the sky” on the 11:00 o’clock news that night!

Then, on Sunday, we got a second blizzard in the space of eight days and the children had a snow day on Monday. Fun!! Once I got my mail finished that morning, we spent the afternoon baking yummy holiday cookies and wrapping presents. It was a very magical day!

We will be on the road Thursday through Sunday for a Christmas train trip to Boston. Yea! We’ll have someone here house-sitting because Percy (the dog) has separation anxiety. We’re going to spend a few days eating wonderful food and taking the children toy shopping in Boston as a pre-Christmas treat. We are all so excited! Since we’ll be traveling, please don’t email me unless you absolutely have to.

Because of the holiday, next week’s issue will come out early and will be abbreviated.

Have a beautiful day, everybody!