Max is Three

Max’s third birthday party was on Saturday was a smashing success. The grown-ups had a cookout, the older children played tee-ball and croquet, and Max ran his trains through the dirt, just happy to be surrounded by so many kids. Some of you may remember that on Max’s first birthday party, Frank’s friend, Mitchell, was hit by a car in front of our house on his way to the party (he’s fully recovered now). Last year, Ali had to go to the emergency room on Max’s birthday for two sprained fingers. No injuries were sustained at the party on Saturday…which is why it was so successful! Max’s actual birthday is today, Wednesday, so we’ll be holding our breath all day long, praying nothing happens!

We’re currently plotting our next trip for We’d planned to go to Florida, but we’re currently checking with the campgrounds we were going to visit to see if they’ll be re-opened soon because of that fiesty Hurricane Frances. Some are open and some are closed, so our trip may be slightly delayed.

The children started school this week. Ali and Frank are homeschooled (they actually attend a private school in Vermont via distance learning) and they were very happy to open all their new pencils, erasers and notebooks. It’s so quiet in the house right now. As I’m sitting here typing, Ali and Frank are right here in front of me, doing their math. Max wanted to “go to school” too, today, so Ali made him some big alphabet letters to trace. He enjoyed “school” for about 30 seconds and then ran into his room to play with his trains.

The nights are chilly here now and the days are getting shorter. If you look closely while driving through town, you can see that the leaves are just starting to change. It’s cool and a bit cloudy today, perfect weather for a light sweater. I LOVE this time of year!

Hugs to all!

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