Look Out, America. Here We Come!

Last week, I told you all that we were considering trading in our pop-up camper for a bigger one. Well, we did it. We traded in our little pop-up camper for a 24-foot RV! Yeehaw!!! Look out, America, here we come!

We’re having a ball planning our summer vacation. In fact, it’s so much fun making plans that I’m wondering if the vacation itself can possibly be as much fun as the anticipation. I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time, so I must really need a vacation.

The kids are, needless to say, about to jump out of their skin with excitement. Richard would like nothing more than to sell the house, buy a really big RV, and homeschool the children from the road. Don’t worry. I’m keeping the reins on him. That’s NOT going to happen.

Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, dreaming of summer sunshine, I looked out the window and saw gigantic snowflakes falling from the sky. But, by noon, it had all melted. Shwew!

Hugs to everybody!