Lobster Ice Cream?!

Frank surprised me the other day by saying, “Zach’s so nice now, Mom!”

I responded, “Well, he’s growing up, honey. When siblings grow up, they usually stop arguing about silly things.”

He squinted at me and replied, “Are you sure ya’ll didn’t brainwash him?”

We spent Sunday driving through the countryside, toward the coast, looking at the Fall foliage, which is just coming out here in Maine. We then drove to Bar Harbor, did some shopping, and ate a great dinner. It was quite chilly and the strong winds coming off the Atlantic made it downright cold. We stopped at one store and plunked down too much money on some new fleece jackets. We’d only grabbed sweaters on our way out that morning, forgetting how cold it can be on the coast this time of year.

It wasn’t too cold, however, to stop by our favorite ice cream shop, Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, on the way home! Richard ordered the pumpkin pie flavor, but I was too skittish to try the lobster ice cream. After taking a big bite of Ali’s lobster at dinner, I decided not to try it mixed with sugar. Ick.

Hugs to all!