Leaving My Computer Off All Day

I didn’t get to take any Sundays off during our 6400-mile adventure, so I treated myself last Sunday by leaving my computer off all day. Ali and I drove to the cloth store (Ali’s making a dress for herself) and rented some movies and we (Ali, Richard, Max and I) spent the day eating popcorn and staring at the television screen. It was heavenly! Frank decided to try to land some largemouth bass, so he spent the day fishing with his friend on the Penobscot River (in our backyard). And Zach spent the day with his friends. (One of his best friends is leaving for college on Friday.)

When it cooled off outside, we weeded the garden, which had been inundated with weeds because of the heavy July rains. Ali is currently winning the pumpkin-growing contest. She has two tiny pumpkins on her vines while I have none on mine. We have two new baby maple trees growing in the garden so I’m going to tie them to stakes so nobody will pull them out (and so Max won’t run over them with his toy tractor). Frank planted some flowers in June and they’re beautiful now!

At dusk, the mosquitoes descended on our fun and we had to race inside. I sure wish it was already the weekend again…

Hugs to all!

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