Izzy’s Emerging Development

For the past few months, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the June arrival of Isabella “Izzy” Katherine Hoy. Max (age 4) talks to Izzy in my tummy several times each day. He likes to play games with her and, when I’m lying down, puts his toy cars on my tummy, begging Izzy to kick and make them roll off. My mom bought Izzy a pretty red and pink goodie for Valentine’s Day and Ali has been knitting her a soft, pink afghan.

The entire family descended upon the local Maternal Fetal Medicine office at the hospital last week so we could all see our sweet little Izzy on the television screen just one more time. Our previous sonogram, at 12 weeks, had everyone in an Izzy Tizzy because she was just so adorable!

Anyway, at the new sonogram, she was MUCH bigger and they couldn’t get her entire body on the screen at one time. She was moving her mouth (chewing) for a few minutes, and later was sucking on her finger. Max thought that was just the neatest thing in the world. (He thought the blue goo they put on my belly was pretty neat, too.) Needless to say, we were all absolutely shocked into hysterics, when the technician panned over Izzy again and a very prominent, very large p-e-n-i-s appeared on the screen!

We all then laughed so hard I thought I was going to go into labor right then. The technician who did our 12-week sonogram had hesitated to guess the gender, but we begged her for a guess so much that she admitted she thought Izzy was a girl, even explaining, in detail, the exterior genetalia at that age for both sexes. We agreed with her that Izzy was beyond any doubt a girl. And boy were we WRONG (pun intended)!!!

Anyway, we went out to dinner that night night to celebrate. Nobody was disappointed, but we all have some major mental adjustments to make! Max is excited that he’ll have another boy to play trains with. Ali’s wondering who needs a little pink afghan. My mom’s returning the red and pink Valentine’s Day present, and we’re all desperately trying to come up with a new name for Izzy! For now, I’m calling him “Izzy-A-He” (get it?).

One thing’s for sure…we’re pretty happy we learned about this, um, emerging development now and not on Izzy’s birthday!

If you want to track our attempts to have a VBAC, despite our local hospital’s refusal to serve us, please see: https://vbac.angelahoy.com

Hugs to everybody!


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