It’s Beginning to Look…

The snow started a bit late this month in Bangor and I was starting to worry that I’d never get my “children standing in a snowstorm” Christmas card photo for this year! But, the snow did finally arrive and I rushed the children outside for their annual “hurry, Mom, before another snowflake lands on my eyeball” picture.

Some of you may hate me for saying this but I’m not only finished with my Christmas shopping, I’m also finished with all the wrapping! I started back in August with the intent of finishing everything before Richard’s grandma arrived. She arrived last Thursday and it truly feels like Christmas with her here. Max enjoys having another person to spoil him, Ali enjoys loves having someone to bake with her, Zach enjoys having someone who likes to help him with dishes, and Frank enjoys having another person to play cards with.

Grandma has macular degeneration and her eyesight is very poor. If someone slams a door, she jumps, and if a kitten walks across her lap or behind her, she gets startled. Last week, the children bought a laser pointer for the new kitties to chase. They see the light on the wall, floor or couch and leap, gleefully trying to catch and ravage that little red dot of light. You’ll be happy to know that I have forbidden the children from aiming the laser pointer at Grandma.

Hugs to all!

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