“I want to grow my hair as long as mommy’s!”

While Max and Mason don’t go “back to school” (homeschooling) until after Labor Day (we’re on the old-fashioned schedule), the rest of the city started this week. On Monday, on my way to get the boys a haircut, I stopped behind a school bus, and couldn’t help but notice that all the children who emerged had on new shoes. Adorable.

A couple of months ago, Mason decided he wanted his hair to grow “as long as Mommy’s.” I’m all for kids showing their creative sides but it wasn’t long before Mason’s mane became pretty unruly. The good news is Frank’s new girlfriend is a hairdresser and she convinced Mason to let her take her shears to his perpetually-tangled locks. Max wanted her to cut his hair too, of course.

Both boys looked like different kids when they emerged from the salon! Mason’s hair is still long, but it’s now also layered so it’s much more manageable. Max has a Justin Bieber haircut now and he looks awesome!! But, please don’t tell him it’s Justin Bieber’s style because then he might shave his own head! 😉

This week’s Masonism:

Last week, Frank wanted to go to The Melting Pot for his birthday. Mason loves that place because they have Oreo marshmallows and they always bring a plate of them out just for him. When the waiter laid the plate of marshmallows down after dinner, Mason said, “As soon as I eat all those marshmallows, I’m gonna be pretty fat and I’m gonna need to lay down…”

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