I Can’t Tell You What I Did Last Weekend!

I Can’t Tell You What I Did Last Weekend!

Last Friday, Ali, Mary and I hit the road. Our destination? Savannah, Georgia for Ali’s bachelorette party. The drive was fun. The girls sat the in the front of Ali’s truck while I worked on my laptop in the back seat (less glare). We caught some fall foliage and the weather was noticeably cooler after we crossed the Florida border into Georgia. We looked everywhere for a roadside BBQ shack, but weren’t able to find one.

Luckily, Richard had packed tons of snacks for us, from salty to chocolate, so we weren’t hungry at all. He also bought different wines for us to share with the other girls in the house we rented.

We arrived late on Friday afternoon. After all the girls arrived, we hit the pavement – the cobblestone, crooked brick pavement that is. We walked 23 minutes to dinner (yes, the hostess timed it!). Before we left last week, I realized I had only one pair of tennis shoes and about 14 pairs of sandals (what else do you need when living in Florida??). Luckily, Ali and I had gone boot shopping on Thursday and those boots saved our chilly toes! Georgia was getting some of the remnants of that front that flooded South Carolina. The entire weekend was foggy and misty with occasional showers. The cobblestone streets were very slippery and treacherous. By the end of the weekend, our ankles were so sore!

At dinner, Ali was presented with a list of things she had to accomplish over the weekend. She had four passes that she could hand out to other girls. One of the items on the list was so naughty and funny that we all wanted Ali to give us the pass. Instead, we all decided to see who could get the most of that item by the end of the night. The girls who wanted to play all put $20 in the pot. We ended up with $120.

I’m very proud and honored to say that, with Mary’s help, I won the contest that night! I split the winnings and gave half to Mary (since, without her help, I would have certainly lost), and half to Ali (since it was her party).

If you want to know what I did, you’ll need to email me. I can’t post is here because my mother reads this. Heh…

Anyway, The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of eating and shopping and girl stuff. We also did an adult ghost tour. Of course, I was thinking it was about amorous ghosts falling in love with mortals but, no, it was instead about very gruesome murders. It sure got us in the mood for Halloween!

We arrived safely back home on Sunday night and, future weddings or not, we’ve planned to have a girls’ weekend in Savannah, GA each year from now on. Whoop!

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  1. Rashida  October 10, 2015 at 8:33 am

    yes i thought so too

  2. Barbara Elmore  October 9, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    I bet your mother was the first one to email you, Angela, to find out what you did.