Hitting The Road For 5-1/2 Weeks

As many of you remember, earlier this year we traded in our pop-up camper for an RV and started homeschooling the children so we could spend more time traveling. This Sunday, we’re leaving on a 5500-mile road trip and will be chronicling our trip online. You’ll be able to check in to see where we are each day and what we’ve seen and done at https://www.WirelessTrips.com. The site is up and Richard’s done a super job designing it. It was a lot of fun for him. And, Julie Sartain created the cutest logo that includes all our photos (even Percy!).

Since we’ll be running our entire company, Booklocker.com and WritersWeekly.com, from the road, Jiwire.com, a publication that covers the wireless industry, has contracted us to write about running a business on the road via wireless technology.

We’ll be providing links to our Jiwire.com articles right here each week, and you can track our adventures at WirelessTrips.com.

If anyone out there is in need of a good story to write, there are lots of angles to this project that would make good articles. We’re always happy to talk to fellow journalist. If you’d like to interview us about this, contact us at: trip at writersweekly.com and put “trip interview” in the subject line.

For the rest of the week, we’ll be packing the RV (getting all our travel stuff into that tight space is really an art) and hosting guests (Zach’s childhood friend, Kellen, is coming to visit with his mother this weekend). It’s incredibly hectic right now, but a LOT of fun. We’re all so excited we can’t sit still!

Hugs to all!

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