The halls are decked, the wrapping is done, and all that’s left is the baking, which I’m tackling this weekend. Each year, I make the same four things. I think I might get a little crazy this year and change things up! Maybe some fudge instead of peppermint bark. Maybe not. Everybody loves my peppermint bark but, after all these years, I can’t eat it anymore. Maybe I’ve just had too much over the last dozen or so Christmases. Maybe I indulged too much last year. Anyway, if any of you have some unique recipes, please share! They don’t need to be sweet. Savory treats are fine, too! I like things that are easy to make in bulk since we’ll be delivering to friends and neighbors, too. I’ll send you my peppermint bark recipe in exchange! 😉

Next week’s issue will go out on Friday. We won’t be working on Christmas Day and, to be honest, I’ll spend Boxing Day recovering from the mayhem. I’ll be back and work bright and early Friday morning.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!

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