When the Boat’s A-Rockin’ (Heh…)

When the Boat’s A-Rockin’ (Heh…)

Living in a floating home brings adventures every single day! Big yachts pass by, leaving a wake in a no-wake zone. The boat starts pitching to and fro and we all find that a LOT of fun! Storms blow in during the rainy season and, when the front of the storm hits, the winds pick up instantly, the temperature drops, and the boat starts pitching around again. Sometimes, if you don’t secure the hatch above your bed correctly, you wake up to rain falling on you. That’s always an adventure!

But, sometimes, with no warning at all, all the boats in the marina start moving. Sometimes just a bit and sometimes a whole LOT!

We were sitting out in the cockpit of “No Tan Lines” (Tanny) last night. No storms were nearby. There was hardly any wind at all. And, no boats had passed by at all. A single paddle-boarder (a friend of ours) quietly glided by in the still water. We said hello. He waved and kept paddling by.

Then, all of the sudden, all of the boats started rocking violently. I mean, Tanny was pitching so much that we were having a hard time walking in the boat. All of the rigging was clanging, which can be deafening. I had Richard tighten one of the boom lines because it was banging back and forth so loudly. We looked around…

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Richard, who is the “galley captain” on the boat, does all the cooking for all of us. God bless him! He also bakes a lot of dessert goodies, and always cooks something yummy for the Friday night dock parties. Of course, his banana bread has real bananas in it and some of that banana can appear a bit…stringy.

Mason loves banana bread and, recently, he was eating a piece, noticed the stringy stuff, and said, “Dad, why did you put cole slaw in your banana bread?!”

Hugs to all!


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4 Responses to "When the Boat’s A-Rockin’ (Heh…)"

  1. AC Cooper  October 3, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Beat me to it, Wendy.

    It’s happened before:


  2. pamelaallegretto  September 30, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    I vote for the drunk Lochness Monster! Coleslaw stuffed banana bread, yum!

  3. witandwisdom4u  September 30, 2017 at 9:21 am

    How cool that you guys live on a boat! I love it. The name of the boat is awesome. We had a boat named “Don’t Drink The Water” after a Dave Matthews Band song. I do remember this happening and our guess was that a large freighter(s) must have gone by that we couldn’t see or hear. Pretty spooky though.

  4. Wendy Jones  September 28, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    What happened to you was either (a) an undersea volcano experienced a minor or major eruption, or (b) there was a fault in the ocean bed. Both of these events would have had to occur in a reasonably direct line with the tip of Florida. It doesn’t matter if the event is hundreds of miles away, the shock wave causes a ‘buckling’ effect in the surrounding media (water in this case). The tension travels, in a 360 degree radius, until it hits a shoreline and dispels itself.
    The link illustrates these events:

    When I check the Earthquake and Volcano webpage, there were plenty of minor shocks and eruptions occurring all over the world. The Soufriere Hills Volcano is in a reasonably direct line toward the tip of Florida. It has been active and rumbling recently.

    Mason is the closest to being right in this situation.
    Though, what you felt, was probably only the distant aftershock of an event hundreds of miles away.