Global Economy? Ha!!

Isn’t technology great? We can watch TV shows from all over the world now. Case in point? Postman Pat. Here in the U.S., HBO airs this darling children’s show each day. Max adores it and we even hear him talking in a British accent sometimes when mimicking lines from the show. (He also uses a Texas accent when mimicking lines from King of the Hill). Anyway, Max really wants a Postman Pat Doll (and his kitty, too) for Christmas. The problem is, I can’t find anybody in the U.S. who sells Postman Pat products. Oh, I found tons of people and companies in the U.K. with the dolls, but nobody will ship to the U.S. – not even!

About the time this puzzle popped up, I received an email from my friend, Canadian book cover designer Cathi Stevenson. She was looking for a specific shirt for her daughter but couldn’t find one in Canada and nobody who sells them in the U.S. will ship them to Canada. I offered to buy one, have it shipped here, and then ship it up to her. No problem at all. I mentioned the Postman Pat problem and she let me know her husband’s relatives live in the U.K. and that she’d have one of them find the Postman Pat dolls and have them sent to her so she could send them to us.

So, we’ll both pay something like triple shipping costs…but at least the children will be happy on Christmas morning! 🙂

We’d like to extend our warmest Thanksgiving wishes to all of you. We’ll be spending the day at home, watching parades and drinking hot chocolate with the children in the morning and cooking delectable treats all afternoon. From our family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugs to all!

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