Getting Ready To Head Out Again!

We’ve finalized our itinerary for our next big RV trip. We’re once again taking our family and business on the road. We’ll be running our business from campgrounds that offer wireless Internet access and have plans to visit most of our relatives and many old friends along the way on this trip. We’re leaving Maine on August 19th. It usually starts cooling off in Maine in late August so we’ll be heading west and south in just the niche of time!

For a special homeschooling assignment, Frank is reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. On our trip, we’ll be visiting the actual farm (Almanzo Wilder’s boyhood home) in Malone, New York where Farmer Boy took place. On this trip, we also have plans to visit a balloon festival, an icecream factory, a quarry, a vineyard, and much more!

The RV has already been in for preventative maintenance and we’re making last minute changes to our list of things to pack. Ali’s (age 14 – our resident chef) is preparing our menu (so we won’t go out to eat too much – thus blowing our trip budget). We’re very excited and can’t wait for our departure date. As always, you’ll be able to track our travels at:


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