Funny and Kind Authors, Pregnancy, and Headin’ North!

We had a rip-roarin’ good time at dinner last week with Jimmy Moore and his hilarious wife, Christine. They do an incredible job promoting Jimmy’s book, Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb, along with his low-carb chocolate-raspberry bar (chocolate and raspberries are my FAVORITE candy combination!!). Jimmy’s book is about his incredible weight loss. You can read about him, see before/after pics, and find links to his book and popular YouTube video series here:

The next night, we had a delicious dinner with Bill Henderson, the author of Cancer-Free — Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing (Second Edition). Bill’s mission to help cancer patients heal started when his former wife, Marjorie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and was treated with conventional cancer treatment from 1990 to 1994, when she died. Bill is convinced that the treatment killed her. He wants to help as many people as possible avoid her fate. When you sit next to Bill at dinner, the love and caring for his fellow humans radiates from his soul. Have you ever met somebody like that? Someone whose compassion envelopes their very being? That is Bill. What a wonderful person! And, sitting with him is like sitting next to a natural living and healing encyclopedia. Since Richard and I recently cut a great deal of meat and chemicals from our diet, we were hanging on every word. (By the way, since we’ve eliminated so much meat from our diet, Richard’s cholesterol has dropped so low that the doc is weaning him off Lipitor.)

Oh, and Asheville, North Carolina is GORGEOUS! It’s a beautiful town surrounded by mountains. Breathtaking!

We then ventured north to Virginia, to visit my sister once again. We had a few extra days on our schedule because the rocket launch we’d planned to see had been postponed a month…which meant we would not get to see it at all. Oh well. We knew it was a long-shot anyway.

We spent Friday through Monday with my pregnant sister and her hubby, who is a Marine. I cooked them a nice Memorial Day dinner and the boys had four days of glee playing with their gigantic Shepherd puppy, Cooper. Cooper is being trained to be a rescue dog. Despite the fact that he’s going to be a working dog, he is still a playful puppy and the boys were continuously tickled by his antics.

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon. We’re currently parked in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The wifi is horrible here so we might leave a day early to get to the next campground (so we can work faster). The drive here, however, was beautiful, despite the low-hanging clouds.

We’re heading North and are terribly excited about this weekend! We’ll be seeing our old friends Doug Clegg (internationally best-selling horror author) and his partner, Raul Silva, who Mason and Max ADORE, along with world-renowned journalist and close friend Scott Rose, and our new friend, JC Cabrera!

You can read more about our travel adventures at:

Oh, yeah. I accidentally bumped a tree this morning with the RV. I was pulling out of an extremely tight spot at a campground. There were trees everywhere! The side of the RV touched the tree and we were too far gone by that time to back up. I just had to keep going, listening to that awful scraping sound as I proceeded at a snail’s pace forward. Richard was standing in front of the RV and navigating… so, I’d have to say it was not MY fault. Heh… The canopy sustained a bit of damage but it could have been worse (gotta look at the bright side of everything, right?!). I can’t wait to see what Richard writes about it in I bet by that time it’ll be MY fault. Ha ha ha!

Hugs to all!


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