First Week in St. Pete? A Car Accident AND a Tropical Storm! Whoop!

First Week in St. Pete? A Car Accident AND a Tropical Storm! Whoop!

Okay, I didn’t mean “whoop” about the car accident. That kinda sucked. We were in a parking lot at the marina and a truck backed into us. It was a mild accident. Just a small dent. We started to exchange information but the other driver, after offering to pay me “$100” on the spot (the damage will cost more than that), wouldn’t give me his driver’s license. He said he’d rented something and that the marina office had his driver’s license. Then, he handed me an insurance card that wasn’t in effect. I told him I needed to see his driver’s license and that I needed his phone number. He got very belligerent, and threw a tantrum.

He stomped toward the marina office. When we got inside, he said, “Show this lady my driver’s license!” Then, he turned to leave. I didn’t wait for the license. I followed him, saying, “You can’t leave! I don’t have all your information! I’m calling the police!”

He kept walking away from me, yelling, “You are unbelievable, lady! Go ahead and call the cops! I’m leaving! I’m late for an appointment!” That’s when I started recording the encounter. He kept yelling at me, called me a “nut case,” and worse. I started to think he had a screw or two loose. I then got frightened because he was angry enough to hit me if he wanted to. I kept recording him as he drove off yelling at me.

I called the police. They arrived very quickly, found out who he was, and called his cell phone. He came right back, and got a stern lecture from the cops on leaving the scene of an accident. He was still an ass (to me and to the police) but I got his correct info. He kept huffing and puffing, “I’m a respected member of this community! I’m well-known around here!”

I replied, “I just moved here yesterday. I have no idea who you are.”

Oh, I am sooooo tempted to post that video online! 😉

In happier news, we’re all moved in, cozy (and still surrounded by boxes) in our 18th floor “home” overlooking beautiful Tampa Bay. Five days later, we got hit by Tropical Storm Colin, and what a fun ride that was!

Our new place has a gym and a pool on the roof. The gym has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking downtown St. Pete and Tampa Bay. We got up early to work out and huge squalls were coming on shore. It was so pretty! Then, we went outside to swim our laps in the rain. I have to say…that’s the first time I’ve ever swam in a tropical storm! There wasn’t any thunder or lightning so we were safe.

Our new Operations Manager, Brian, lives on a boat just a couple of blocks away. After a very wet trip to the office supply store, we drove to his marina to babysit his boat during the rising tide. The water was already licking the dock and high tide was still a couple of hours away. He adjusted his lines and we then came inside the boat to work.

And, that was when the fun began! Each huge gust made it sway wildly and, at one point, a huge one gave the kayak on the deck an opportunity for escape. We caught it, and Brian tied it down tight. Eventually, the power went out but we’d all fully charged our batteries beforehand, just in case.

When a large, rotating squall was overhead, we went outside and the sound of the wind was a creepy, low, constant roar. The background clanging of sailboat rigging and the wind whistling through the masts added to the symphony. It was so cool!!!

The boys got to experience a relatively mild tropical storm and we got a ton of excitement.

What a great first week in St. Pete!

And, this Saturday is our oldest son’s wedding and we are so excited!!!


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4 Responses to "First Week in St. Pete? A Car Accident AND a Tropical Storm! Whoop!"

  1.  June 25, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    That is scary! Your new place sounds lovely!

  2. Verwayne Greenhoe  June 24, 2016 at 11:05 am

    I was in Port St. Lucie during the hurricane in 2004. What a ride! Anytime someone offers you cash instead of reporting the accident, I’d be suspicious!

  3. Peter Garland  June 11, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Wow – you do make people jealous you know with your wild and wonderful life! Good writing – reminds me of Arthur Ransome whom I’ve just read. Good for you for dealing with the big baby who bumped into you. What a fool! That sounds like quite a lifestyle for play and work. All the best. Pedro

  4. pamelaallegretto  June 11, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    When I see how you take on publishing scammers, I’m not at all surprised to read how you didn’t back down from that car-crash bully! Clearly, if the guy knew with whom he was dealing, he wouldn’t have been such a creep. Cheers to you! Welcome to your new home, and best wishes to your son!