Tropical Storm Erika? Pffftt!!!

Tropical Storm Erika? Pffftt!!!

Last weekend was our future son-in-law’s bachelor party in Key West. Of course, Tropical Storm Erika wanted to attend…and not in a fun way.

On the day before we expected her to hit Key West, they changed her projected track. Oh, she was still heading for Key West, but, after that, she was then going to veer west instead of east. And, for a few hours at least, Tampa Bay (just North of us) was in the center of the cone. I went to bed thinking the next day I was going to need to tape up windows and elevate furniture with only Max (age 13) and Mason (age 9) to helpsince the rest of the guys were doing stuff in Key West that the rest of us didn’t EVEN want to know about.

Well, she fell apart but we still got a ton of wind and plenty of rain. It was a good practice run for the next storm!


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