What? Another Hurricane?!

We had a wonderful time visiting Richard’s family in Corpus Christi, Texas and the heat wasn’t as oppressive as we’d feared. We stayed at a nice campground on the beach there and we had lots of family time and even a day of shopping, which the children particularly enjoyed. Ali even got her very first set of silk wrap nails while we were there. I can’t type with long fingernails, so I just had a manicure.

Monday morning dawned with news of a new hurricane on the horizon, possibly heading for the gulf coast. Okay, enough is enough! We get the message! We’ve managed to narrowly avoid Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Now Wilma threatens to dampen our travels, too. So, we’re high-tailin’ it back to Maine. (Our original itinerary had us traveling to Florida’s gulf coast this week!)

Barring blow-outs and burned heater cores, we plan to arrive back in Bangor sometime on Friday. We’ll then spend the weekend managing the Fall 24-Hour Short Story Contest before diving into the Halloween festivities next week. Halloween in Bangor, Maine is like a storybook holiday and we’d sure hate to miss it. So, we’re glad to be heading back home.

You can read about our travels online at: https://www.wirelesstrips.com

Hugs to all! Ang

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