Fall Cleaning

In anticipation of the arrival of my mother-in-law this week, we cleaned the house from top to bottom. Ali (age 15) complained the ENTIRE time I spent in her room rearranging drawers, sorting clothes, looking under her bed and hope chest (pretty scary!), and arranging her books, among other fun things. But, she was very happy with her new room when I was finished. The very next morning, I walked into her room and was horrified to discover it looked like I’ve never even been in there! There were clothes, dishes and more EVERYWHERE! Arrrghhh!!!

Richard’s mom is scheduled to arrive tonight. I’ll be online during the evenings while she’s here so, if you don’t absolutely have to email me, please wait a few days. If you do need me, please be patient for a response. I’ll be running around like a mad woman, cleaning up after little ones, cooking, trying to squeeze in work when I can, and pretending our days aren’t spent in frenzied chaos…like they really are. 😉

And, just in time for Halloween, here is this week’s Maxism:

The other day, Max said, “My tongue is bleeding.”

I asked, “What happened, honey?”

He said, “I bit my tongue.”

After smacking his lips together for a couple of seconds, he added, “Blood tastes yummy!”

Hugs to all! Ang

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