CSI Camp! Cool!!

Remember when you were a kid and summer camp meant canoeing, campfires with marshmallows, and raiding other cabins after dark? Well, no more! This summer, Max attended underwater robotics camp. Mason has attended dinosaur camp, fishing camp (they didn’t catch anything but he made some beautiful fish crafts, and learned about tides and such), and, his absolute favorite, CSI camp!

Now, had I known what he was going to learn, I may have wondered if it was an appropriate camp for children his age (he just turned 9). But, the camp, which is at the museum, is for kids 7-10 so I wasn’t worried. They wouldn’t expose the kids to anything disturbing…right? I guess it’s all about presentation and delivery because Mason hasn’t been traumatized one bit. In fact, he thinks it’s all super cool!

He brought home clay blood cells he’d made (different types), went to the police station to see the crime lab, had his mugshot taken (adorable!), and so much more! What more, you ask? Yesterday, they destroyed a watermelon and a red cantaloupe to study blood splatter patterns. No kidding! He had a blast!

Mason is SO interested in everything he’s learning, and so excited to tell me all of it when he gets home each day, that I asked him, “So, do you want to be a detective someday?”

He rolled his eyes at me, and said, “Nope.”

I guess he hasn’t connected everything he’s learning to actual human trauma so…that’s a good thing! Remember, it’s all about presentation and delivery. The museum is doing a great job!


I asked Mason, “What did you do on your first day of CSI Summer Camp?!”

He responded: “We made a diorama of a murder scene! But, they wouldn’t let us use much blood…”

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