Could It Be…A Girl?!

Well, except for picking up some candy from the local candy store for the children’s teachers, all my shopping is done. And, everything that’s been delivered is already wrapped, too, thanks to all the help Ali gave me last weekend. I’ve even mailed all my Christmas letters out, too! So, now we can sit back, turn on the Christmas Carols, and relax for the rest of the month. And, while book sales are very good in December because of the holiday, the rest of the business naturally slows down. And, believe me, that doesn’t bother me at all!

We went for a prenatal check-up last week and Max had to stay home with Zach. I told Max we were going to to the baby doctor to have them make sure the baby is okay. Max must have misunderstood me because, when we got home and walked in the back door, Max looked at my empty arms and demanded, “Where’s the baby?!”

Poor Max. I once again explained that we have to wait until the baby gets much bigger. He doesn’t quite understand that part of it. He does spend a lot of time each day talking to the baby and patting my tummy.

At the sonogram, we learned that the baby appears to be completely healthy (we went out to dinner to celebrate and I treated the baby to a huge plate of enchiladas and a large scoop of fried ice cream!) and the technician thinks it may be a she! That would be wonderful because there is far too much testosterone in this house and Ali and I would like another girl to try to balance things out around here. And, Ali wants a little sister she can dress up in velvet and lace. I told her I don’t want to hear any whining when that little sister gets into her makeup in the next few years!

Hugs to all!

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