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Cough, Hack, Wheez…

We’re having one of those weeks. Max has been very ill. Frank has started coughing again (he’s been sick for a couple of weeks now), and I’m coming down with my third bug since Christmas. This morning it was 9 below zero. Frank missed the bus, Percy (the dog) threw up on the carpet, and then van wouldn’t start. I called the high school and they sent Zach home with his car so we could get Frank to school and go to Ali’s school for today’s parent/child picnic lunch (indoors, of course). I’m running a fever, but I have to take Ali to her basketball game this afternoon while Richard stays home with Max. And, the wind chill is -40 to -50.

I may just crawl in bed until the weekend…

Hugs to all!

P.S. Please, if you love me, don’t send me any get well cards or emails. That will only add to my huge pile of work to plod through. I appreciate your good wishes, but I must read and respond to all emails and…when a few hundred “get well” messages come in, it takes me an entire day to get through them. Just send warm fuzzies through the cosmos. 😉