Cold Wind A Whistling

I woke up on Saturday morning to Max (26-months-old) forcibly opening my left eyelid and whispering, “Way up, Mom! Way up, Mom!” I opened my eyes and smiled and he said, “Wissen!” So, I cocked my ear up and opened my eyes wide, rolling them around to make him laugh while trying to make out the sound he was listening to (he just learned the word “noise”). A cold front had blown through overnight and I realized a cold wind was whistling around the windows. I opened my mouth wide and said, “Oooh!” And Max replied, “I hear noise! I hear wind! I like wind!” I scooped him into my arms and said, “I like wind, too!”

Later that day, Ali and I ventured out to a new antique store we’d discovered. We were freezing! I turned on the radio to hear the weatherman say it was 24 degrees, and it was only 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon! So, I naturally called my mother in Texas to brag. It’s been quite warm there.

To welcome winter, I finished a new quilt for Frank this week (all fleece and so soft!) and Ali started a new one for Max. I’m going to make an all-fleece one for Ali and she’s
going to make one for us (Richard and I). Zach’s new quilt was finished about a month ago. It looks like we’re in for a pretty frigid winter, so we’re gonna need ’em!

Oh, I just LOVE this time of year!

Hugs to everybody!