Brand New AC Still Not Working After One Week!

Brand New AC Still Not Working After One Week!

For the past week, we’ve been staying at our daughter’s house. The AC guys installed a brand new unit, but the house wouldn’t get below 80 during the day and it was very humid inside. I suspected something was wrong with the unit or installation. I texted the technician that night and he called me right away, which was nice. He said they’d had a problem with the intake attachment. Sure enough, the next morning they found it had come undone, and was sucking in outdoor air. The house cooled of a bit, but not much. I think there’s something wrong with that air conditioner. Our old one was always able to cool the house…well, until it conked out.

Over the weekend, they installed all new ducts in the attic. Today, they’re insulating the attic. Yeah, we found out our attic had NO insulation! And, they ordered another new unit – a 5-ton one. That’s supposed to be installed tomorrow, too.

I hate feeling displaced and we’ve been camping out at our daughter’s house for a week now. The boys don’t mind, though, because Ali and Justin are chefs, and always make amazing goodies. Our dog, Coco, doesn’t mind because Ali and Justin have two dogs she loves, and a huge backyard.

I just want my own bed back!!!


“Max and Hailey are making a scary movie and I get to play the dead guy!!”

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