Bloody Thursday

Unfortunately, we had to take a surprise trip to the emergency room last Thursday night. No, it wasn’t for one of the children. It was me. And, no, I wasn’t in early labor or anything like that. I was suffering from telangiectasia (yeah, I can’t pronounce it, either). This is something I developed when I was pregnant with Max and again with this pregnancy. It’s an area of capillaries just under the skin and, no matter how small it is, if it breaks, you bleed like a gunshot victim. Well, maybe not that bad, but it does NOT stop! I had one right near my eyebrow when I was pregnant with Max and it would sometimes bleed just from from the pressure of the shower. However, I always managed to get it to stop by myself.

My current Telangiectasia is on my forehead. I knew what it was when it arrived several months ago so I just started covering it with makeup. I did notice this one was quite a bit bigger than the last one, but still no bigger than a pencil lead, and I have honestly been meaning to go to the doctor to have it looked at just in case. But, I put it off over and over again, for days, weeks and then months and then, on Thursday night, I barely nicked it with my fingernail while getting undressed for the shower and, holy cow, the faucet let loose! I bled and bled and bled. We tried pressure. No go. We tried liquid bandage. What a joke. There was so much blood that the liquid bandage just ran down my face. Finally, we gave up and headed for the ER. Who knew you could hemorrage from a hole that small?!

Anyway, the triage nurse managed to stem the bleeding with a really tight bandage. Three hours later, when they finally called me in and removed the bandage, the bloody faucet runneth over again. They injected pain killer (always fun in your face!) and then cauterized it with something I can’t pronounce. They then smiled as told me it was just a result of hormones and, oh, by the way, it would probably start bleeding again during the night and to get to the plastic surgeon as soon as I could to have it permanently fixed with a laser. Great.

So, after waking up several times that night to ensure I wasn’t bleeding to death in my sleep, Richard and I were pretty exhausted on Friday. And, on Friday, I learned the plastic surgeon can’t see me until this week. Luckily, we made it through the weekend without anymore red faucets spewing forth from my head. I just keep it safe from anybody bumping me and, of course, cover it in the shower. It’s more of a pain and and embarassment than anything else. Max keeps asking, “Can I poke your boo boo, Mommy?” He thinks bleeding is cool. Ug!!

And, to close, here’s this week’s Maxism:

Max was looking over his shoulder while spinning around and around in our room. He was making me dizzy so I finally asked him what he was doing. He replied, “I’m tryin’ to look at my butt while I spin around.”

Hugs to everybody!


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