Basking on the Beaches of North Carolina…

I’m writing this on Tuesday morning. We just left Williamsburg, Virginia, and are heading to the beaches of North Carolina. It was cold, and then warm, and then cold again. I know it’s going to warm up considerably because, the farther south we get, the more my allergies are going nuts. I keep thinking strangers are going to offer me a Ricola (R).

We spent the weekend with my sister and brother-in-law. My sister, Autumn, is pregnant and they found out the day we arrived that they’re having a boy! That was good news because we’d packed a box of boy baby clothes for her (we have tons of those!) before the trip.

I’ve been too busy helping authors so Richard has been doing all the writing and picture-posting on We spent Saturday in Washington DC. We had dinner in China Town and Max drank one too many glasses of juice. Click HERE to read what we had to do in the subway with not a bathroom in site for poor Max.

This Week’s Maxism:

Mason (21 months) doesn’t talk much yet. Sure, he babbles, but you can’t always understand what he’s saying. That doesn’t matter to Max (age 6), who talks to his buddy, Mason, non-stop, like he’s a big boy. A couple of weeks ago, I had just finished sternly reprimanding Frank (age 15) for teasing Max when I saw Max lean over to Mason, and heard him whisper, “Mason, do you think Mom ever does Karate?”



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