Back to My Books!

I’m relieved the holidays and our “home-based vacation” are over. I’ve made two New Year’s Resolutions and I’m really going to stick to them this year…and neither one of them has anything to do with weight loss – ha ha!

1. I’m going to get back on schedule with my books by committing at least one hour to writing/editing my own books each morning. I will be doing this first thing – before I download any emails or check the author account messaging system.

2. I’m going to work fewer hours. I just about killed myself over the past year working well past midnight some nights. There comes a point in time when you stop and ask why you’re killing yourself. For what? So, I’m going to work faster, concentrate harder (that means wearing my headphones to filter out the noise here), and delegate and automate more of my tasks.

One of my personal goals is to get Max some swimming lessons that really work. He’s had private and public lessons and he still can’t swim on his own. We found a professional with several years of experience and he’ll be taking two private lessons a week until he really and truly knows how to swim. He’s terrified of parting with those floaties! He can kick, move is arms, and hold his breath. He just can’t quite put it all together yet. I’ll have a lot more peace of mind once he’s a good swimmer like his three older siblings.

Zach learned how to swim in one week. A friend of mine back then gave children private swimming lessons in her backyard. She wouldn’t let parents stay and watch but she guaranteed that your child would be swimming in five days. That Friday, I went to pick up Zach from his lesson. I got to watch him demonstrate his new talent. He not only could swim, but he dove down to the bottom of the deep end and pulled the instructor out! Zach loved his swimming lessons and, to this day, I have no idea how she did it. No, she didn’t throw him in the deep end and yell, “Sink or swim!” I do know it wasn’t play-time in the pool. She meant business.

Ali and Frank learned how to swim on their own because we went swimming so much when we lived in Texas. Unfortunately, in Maine, the pools are only open for a couple of months each summer and, even then, the water is pretty chilly! Kids don’t live at the pool in Maine like they do in Texas.

Yes, I’ve read books and even purchased a video on teaching kids to swim. Unfortunately, I’m afraid Max really needs a professional. I’m too much of a softie with him.

This Week’s Maxism:

Max was playing in his room and he started coughing. I asked him if he was okay.

He said, “Yes, I’m just choking.”

I asked, “What are you choking on?”

He replied, “Toilet paper.”

Hugs to everybody!


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