Another Bigfoot Encounter!

Another Bigfoot Encounter!

Back in August, I shared that I, a previous skeptic, saw a Bigfoot. You can read about that day RIGHT HERE.

After sharing that information with our neighbors, they started sharing their own stories. And, there were a LOT! Until I opened up, everybody was too embarrassed to say anything to anybody. Nobody wanted to be considered nuts. One of our neighbor’s young daughters drew a picture of one she saw and another neighbor’s teen told me about seeing one while four-wheeling. An elderly neighbor saw one outside two years ago, let his dog out, and watched the dog chase it down his driveway. (The dog made it home just fine.) So, there have been four sightings in the neighborhood, there is audio of the screams from our neighbor’s doorbell camera, and there have been numerous other frightening occurrences, many involving children.

On Monday night, our neighbor and her adult daughter came over for a visit. Brian lit a fire in the outdoor fireplace and we sat on the porch in our rocking chairs, and had a nice chat. It was starting to get late so Brian got up and went to bed. We gals stayed on the porch having a wonderful time!

Then, as our neighbor was telling a story, I heard the telltale gorilla-sound grunting begin. In my best phonetic attempt, it sounds like this: “Ooomph! Ooomph! Ooomph!” Our neighbor was in mid-sentence and I don’t think she or her daughter noticed that. But, they sure noticed when the screams started! Our neighbor stopped talking mid-sentence and we all just stared at each other. On the northeast corner of the backyard, right near the wood line, we heard a very loud, screeching, “Whaaaaa! Whaaaaa!! Whaawhaaaa!!!”

And, it kept repeating. Our neighbor and her daughter were both staring at me, stunned silent with their eyes huge. My neighbor quietly said, “Is that…???”

I said, “Yes. Bigfoot.” I quickly went inside to get Brian. Our neighbor told her daughter to sit still so as not to scare it. She really wanted to get a recording of it. Her daughter turned on her phone but, when the sound started again, she leaped up, and ran to the door. In the recording, you can only hear her running.

I guess Bigfoot wanted to go to bed, too, and we women were making too much noise. It worked!

According to research we’ve done since my sighting in October, Sasquatch who live in an area near humans, if they choose to interact with humans, do so more often with women than with men, probably because they know we are the weaker sex. When Brian or one of the boys is outside with me on the porch at night, nothing happens (except Brian did hear one of the screams one night but it was deep in the woods).

A few times over the past few months, when I’ve been out by myself, I’ve heard the grunts, howls, and screams. One night, I was on the back porch by myself and I smelled the WORST odor ever! It was a combination of skunk and body odor. It was so strong I could taste it in my mouth. That happened once more but I haven’t smelled the smell in a few weeks.

The creepiest night was the first time I heard a large, two-legged something pacing back and forth next to our porch. The porch is upstairs so, of course, the pacing was downstairs in the yard. I knew if I walked over there, I’d spook it. At the time, we had a borrowed pair of night vision binoculars from the Bigfoot Museum owner, David. I went inside and got them, and then tried to remember how to turn them on without the red light because they can apparently detect infrared light. By the time I got them on (I’m not a technical person), there were no more footsteps and I couldn’t see anything.

Another night when the pacing started up again, I had Tank come outside to see if he would react. And, boy oh boy, did he! He instantly ran to that side of the porch, and then raced downstairs, barking his head off. I heard no more pacing that evening. However, it’s happened again since then. Brian is rigging up a remote-controlled light in the tree in that part of the yard. So, when it happens in the future, I can just push a button in my hand, and instantly illuminate that part of the yard to see what’s stalking me. I asked Brian if he thinks that will make them mad. He said, “We’ll find out.” I certainly do not want to disturb them but I would also feel more comfortable if they stayed IN THE WOODS!

Last night, Brian went to bed early and Tank was outside with me, lounging. Out of the blue, the footsteps in the leaves started again. Tank didn’t immediately run downstairs. Instead, he went and stood by that side of the porch. I was watching Tank, knowing he could see what I could not. His ears were back and his tail was straight up in the air. I didn’t understand why he wasn’t barking. I was just about to go inside to tell Brian what was going on when Tank started barking furiously. He did NOT run down the stairs this time. But, he would NOT stop barking. I had to force him to go inside because I didn’t want him waking up the neighbors. Then, I stayed out another 30 minutes or so but my two-legged stalking friend did not return.

I have enough stories from neighbors to compile them into a book. I belong to two local Facebook groups and I’m going to ask those folks if they have Bigfoot stories to share as well. I’m hoping to be able to make an anthology out of the stories. I will not be releasing anyone’s location or real name, of course. I expect some people to call me loony but, again, I know what I saw and they (there isn’t just one) are still here.



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6 Responses to "Another Bigfoot Encounter!"

  1. Beth  February 21, 2024 at 3:32 am

    Live in the Pacific Northwest where Bigfoot sightings abound. Other strange things were noted by Forest Service workers who are often deep in the forests near us. There is even a Sasquatch Festival here each summer that we sell our merchandise at. Also thinking of writing about these occurrences. Interesting!!

    • By Angela Hoy - Publisher of  February 21, 2024 at 12:51 pm

      If you do write about it, we’d love to publish your book!! 🙂


  2. Lynn Duke  February 18, 2024 at 3:04 pm

    Uh, Angie – don’t want to scare you or anything, but this big guy is not your friend. Be careful of his antics, if he is getting close enough for you to smell him, he is way too close. I do not know if you folks are gun owners, but it may be a good idea to have one nearby just in case he gets mad and starts to tear things apart around your home. I have listened to lots of You Tube stories from farmers and ranchers, and hikers. They can cloak themselves, and go invisible. They also have some kind of control over people. And, they instill absolute fear when they go head to head with individuals that get too close to them. They are protecting their territory, are curious and the teenage ones are smaller than the adult ones. They also look for mates, and have been known to take women. No kidding. So, although this is an interesting situation, be very wary of trying to contact it. He may end up looking inside your windows at night, and that would be some kind of scary monster scene! Just please be very, very careful….

    • By Angela Hoy - Publisher of  February 19, 2024 at 12:21 pm

      Brian listens to Sasquatch Chronicles (a very popular podcast). He is always armed when he is outside. I would definitely NOT want to be kidnapped and made the wife of one of those things!!!

  3. Jon  February 16, 2024 at 8:47 pm

    I don’t like the Ring cameras because who knows who else is watching/tracking them online.

    I do have several Kasa 4MP 2K cams around the house ($40 each) that have spotted bears, deer, bobcats, and, most frequently, raccoons. They do need access to an outlet but, at the shed and garage, it was easy to drill a 3/8″ hole to get to an outlet. The others, I made a window insert to feed the power wire through.

    I do not use their cloud service on the web but rather use 256GB micro usb memory cards for 24/7 local storage only ($20 each). They’re password protected and viewable through your phones.

    They have infrared vision to spot critters both small and large at night. Should handle Bigfoot just fine.

  4. Wendy  February 16, 2024 at 7:03 pm

    You’re so fortunate to be experiencing this, Angela!
    There is so much to this world, seen and unseen, that we do not understand.
    And, you’re truly LUCKY to be allowed even a glimpse!
    I suspect you intrigue this guy as much as he intrigues you.