Angela Spills the Beans…

We had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving Day! It snowed here all day long and between that, and the homemade hot chocolate, and the cute snowman Frank built, and the children bringing down the Christmas decorations from the attic, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation playing in the background, the day couldn’t have been more warm and magical.

We took our annual trek to the local Christmas Tree farm on Friday and enjoyed another full day of snowfall on Saturday. I took the entire weekend off (four whole days!) and really had to drag my fingers back to the keyboard on Monday morning. Unfortunately, on Monday morning, the temperatures warmed up and the head had melted from Frank’s darling snowman. The children thought the headless snowman was pretty funny.

Okay, I’m going to tell you all a very big secret but you have to promise not to deluge me with tens of thousands of emails. Please, I beg you!!! Okay, here goes. We’re pregnant. Yes, again! This makes baby #5 (our oldest is 19). I’m 12 weeks along and feel comfortable telling everyone now that it looks like this wee one is here for the long haul (at 38 years old, I’m considered “advanced maternal age”). Friends and family were pretty stunned when we told them. It all started last summer when we were about to leave on our Fall RV trip. We’d been hemming and hawing about having “just one more” and decided, at our age, it was now or never. So, we decided on now. We figured it might take awhile but only two weeks later, I was pregnant! We’re telling inquiring friends and and family, “Yes it was planned, and no we’re not Catholic.” (Yes, a pharmacist really asked me that!) Ha ha.

I know you’re all happy for us and I’m pretty swamped right now so, please, if you love me, don’t email me about this. I’m begging you!! As we did with Max (now age 4), we’ll post frequently updates about the baby’s progress. We have a big sonogram scheduled for Monday and the children are very excited about that. I’ve already gained a bit of weight and Max told me I was getting fat even before we told him about the baby. He then pushed his own belly out and said, “I’m getting fat, too, Mommy!”

Hugs to all!

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