Aaaah! What a Relief!

Aaaah! What a relief! I love the holidays, but I sure am happy when they’re finally over. No more shopping, no more wrapping, no more rushing, hustle and bustle. Aaaah, now we can just relax. We did have one unfortunately incident this week. Ali turned 13! Yes, my little baby girl is now officially a teenager. Woe is me. Need I say more?

Frank has been very ill since our trip to Boston and I was going to take him to the doctor today if he didn’t take a turn for the better. But, fortunately, he’s doing much better today. He was pretty upset that I wouldn’t let him invite any friends over to play with his new Christmas toys. However, he had Max and Ali to keep him company.

I, on the otherhand, woke up with a very sore throat this morning, so I’m trying to get things finished in my emailbox anticipating being down for the count like Frank was. Ug. I always get sick this time of year! Luckily, we had our flu shots…not that that means much this year.

Be careful driving on Wednesday night, everybody. We’re staying home!