A Wedding!

Most of you remember Matt, who worked for us for years. He graduated from Columbia, and is now an actuary. He still does ebook conversions on a contract basis on the side. Well, Matt’s getting married! So, Richard is busy making travel plans for all of us. We’ll be heading back to Maine for the big day in August, which is the perfect time to LEAVE Florida. Ha ha.

Our dog, Percy, is very old. We can’t leave him because he suffers from separation anxiety. It would kill him. His health is already quite poor. So, Percy’s going with us to Maine, too! I wonder if I can find him a little tuxedo… 😉

This week’s Masonism:

I bought Mason a new type of brown rice last week. He LOVES rice.

When he took the first bite, he said, “Mmmm! This tastes like the smell of popcorn!”

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