Last week, we took a short trip to Orlando to unwind, and prepare for the holidays. While we were there, we found Santa and Mason sat on his lap for the very first time. He’d never wanted to do it before. Mason walked right up to him, sat on one knee, and swung his feet over Santa’s other knee…

Mason curled right on up there like he’d known Santa forever because, of course, he has! I was close enough to hear Mason say, “Please bring me a dog that’s big enough to ride. Oh, and I’ll need a saddle, too.”

Santa glanced at me, and said he would need to do some research. Later, I explained to Mason that he’s eight years old, and far too big of a boy to ride a dog, any dog. He said okay. He still wanted one.

A few days later, after we got home, we were all leaving one morning to do some shopping, and we found this letter, rolled into a scroll, and tied with silver ribbon, hanging from our front door:

Mason was soooooo excited!!! At that address, we found dozens of poor doggies living in large kennels. They were very well taken care of but they all looked so lonely. They were barking and crying, each competing for our attention, begging for people to take them home. Mason wanted to look at the retrievers and labs. There was a whole section of them. Mason chose three for a meet and greet. The first one smiled at Mason, but was more interested in treats from the handler. The second one ignored Mason completely. The third one leaped out of her kennel, and jumped all over Mason, trying to crawl into his arms for hugs and kisses. Mason laughed and laughed, and said, “I want this one!!!”

Unfortunately, they had to put her back in the kennel while we did the paperwork but she was smiling because she knew she’d found herself a new boy!

Introducing CocoPuff!

Awwwweeee!!! Isn’t that the most adorable picture of a fluff-ball you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe I caught that huge grin on her!! I’ve never seen such a big smile on a doggie! Each time I see that picture, it melts my heart.

We learned she is a 3-month-old lab/chow mix, which explains her soft, teddy bear hair. Mason is over the moon!!! And, so are the rest of us!!

After losing our beloved Percy last Spring, I didn’t think I could ever go through that again but there are so many sweet, furry creatures who need a warn home and a loving human pack to take care of them. I’m so glad we made the decision to expand our family once again. 🙂

Since we have more than dozen loved ones coming to visit next week (they will start arriving tomorrow), we’ll be skipping next week’s issue. We know you’ll all be busy with your families, too.


“I’m glad, glad, glad! So many glads!!”

From everyone at WritersWeekly and BookLocker, we wish you all a safe, wonderful, and loving Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa!!

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